Yes, we’ve been around a while, since 1991 as a matter of fact. We cut our teeth on design / build of off-grid systems, for there was no grid-tie market in the early years. In 1998 the net-meter act in Vermont was passed, and the rest is history (click here to view our archived website).

The changes in technology, markets, costs have been dramatic over the last 25-plus years.
With extensive experience in in both residential and commercial systems, we have evolved into Vermont’s most accomplished solar design / build company. Hardly a johnny-come-lately with green marketing-machine hype, we have deliberately stayed small in order to provide our customers with personalized service and 100% in-house concept to completion systems. Unlike some larger companies, we don’t sub-contract out our installations to less experienced third parties. But we do pass on our lower overhead in the form of lower installed costs.

I invite you to explore what we’ve been up to lately on this new site. I'm sure it will be an ongoing work in progress. Then give us shout via email or phone when you’re ready. Thanks.

Kirk Herander Founder and Principal Vermont Solar, LLC

PS. Here are but a few old photos, from the hundreds

of systems we've designed and built

through the years.

Celebrating  Our 28th Anniversary 1991 - 2019